Superior Drummer in LE5

I have installed Superior Drummer 2.0 twice on my computer. Updated and everything. When i open Cubase LE5 and try to make a new Midi track Superior Drummer 2.0 Does not even show up on the virtual instruments list. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and i cannot even get superior to show up in my VST plugins window whenever it has detected ALL of my other plugins. Superior works in my version of Reaper so i know it is ok on that end…what am i doing wrong? also i have tried searching but i could not find anything to fix my problem :frowning:

Close Cubase, find the Blacklist.XML file in prefs, delete it and restart Cubase.

Where is blacklist xml. In Cubase itself or under the cubase program files? because i cant find anything with that name

Ok found it as vst2xblacklist but i deleted it and rebooted and it still didnt work. So i searched it again and found the same file in the same place that i had previously deleted…? im going to try this again haha

OK deleted the file, and restarted computer. Searched again after reboot and it isnt there. Opened up cubase and superior is still not on Plug-in list. I click update and nothing happens (surprise there). Then i searched for the blacklist file again and BOOM it is back to where it originally was like it just keep re creating itself…/scratches head…any thoughts?

Is Superior listed in the blacklist file? Where is the .dll? Did you point to that location via Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths?

Superior is listed in the blacklist i even tried just deleting it out but it puts it back in there every time i close it out. the .dll is with the rest of my plugins c:/ program files - vst plugins and yes it is pointed to under the paths because it recognizes all of my plugins except for superior

beanerofshred: for that Missing "Superior .dll location try

c:\Program Files (X86) VST Plugins

Then Click here


  1. Devices
  2. Plug in information
  3. Add – maybe the c:\Program Files (X86) VST Plugins
  4. OK

Close Cubase
open it back up
add an “Instrument Track”
select Superior Drummer

Works for Me using Superior Drummer 2.0 ----- Great Drums

Hope this Helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Iv done that several times still doesnt work :frowning: thanks anyway though lol

beanerofshred: Do you have REAPER in your Computer right now :question:

If so find the location of that Superior Drummer .dll from Reaper
and then point Cubase to that Location.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I had trouble with Cubase Le4 and Superior Drummer 2.0 instalation to.

Have you tried Toontracks Forum :question:

Theyre both pointed to the same location but cubase still doesnt read it

Steve you have some great questions. Cubase Le4 works with SP 2
on my computer. You might be right. Maybe it doesn’t work with Cubase Le5. Back in 2010 I had a very similar problem with SP 2.
Only after Reformatting my entire computer did I get it working with Cubase Le4.
I had " N-TRACK" recording software on it at the time. And I think the 2 were
conflicting with SUPERIOR DRUMMER 2.0 some how – “beanerofshred” said he has “Reaper” on his computer.
Also I’ve wondered if he has it registered properly with TOONTRACK.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: