Superior Drummer slow load

I still use Cubase 4 & Superior Drummer 2 along with it. I use on a computer with no internet. I’m not looking to upgrade, just looking for some advice about an issue I’m having. Suddenly, Superior Drummer is taking FOREVER to load the samples, & doesn’t even finish loading them all within the couple hours I have the computer on… I think I remember this happening years ago as well, but I can’t recall the remedy. I tried defragmenting, which did nothing. Any ideas are appreciated.

SD, recently upgraded to VST3, so the VST2 exported from that would naturally have greater system requirements…

I mentioned that I’m not connected to the internet on that computer & nothing has been upgraded.

Cubase 4…did it even have ability to open in Safe Mode? I don’t remember. If not you could try trashing preferences, but know the procedure and back up first.

Do you have any other applications, maybe Kontakt, that open large sample projects to compare?

What does DPC latency checker show?

Most important, a bit about your PC (list here or better yet, put in your signature) or Mac might offer clues. Is your system new or dated with C4?

Where are the sd2 libraries stored? That could be corrupt causing the loading times to be long as it tries to read the data. Sd2 is not standalone so maybe grab a copy of reaper and load sd2 into that and see if the problem still exists. What operating system are you using?

I figured it out. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

The problem was that SSScheduler.exe was running in the background. I ended the process & the samples loaded up instantly.

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