Superscript editing

How do I keep these as per the two D dims on the left and not have it keep defaulting back to the original? I seem to be only able to individually change one at a time. I cannot seem to make the change universal in the project I’m working on.
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 15.06.05

Three threads on the exact same topic in less than 20 minutes… I think you might be breaking some laws of this forum😉
Please refrain from bumping, it’s considered as bad manners here. Eventually someone from the Team (even Daniel Spreadbury himself) or a fellow Dorician will bring you valuable help!

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Unfortunately, when I have an horrendous deadline to meet and am losing hours searching through the manual, You Tube videos and any other source I can find, to fix what should be really basic problems, ’ bad manners’ is the least of my concerns. One good thing (the only good thing) about Finale, was that you could always pick up the phone and talk, one on one, with a really knowledgeable tech guy who would talk you through the problem. Because of all this ‘faffing’ around and inability to get the kind of help you need when you need it, several times I’ve had to scrap the project in Dorico and redo the whole thing in Sibelius, and I’m getting really tired of it.

If that’s true, you are one of the very few who could do that at Finale.

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