Supervision bug? + crashdump file

Yeah sure ! when i get a reply i ll let you know.
thanks again!

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I did go to the following driver


now it doesn’t crash anymore when I resize mixer, supervision, or sequence window

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Great! I will test it tomorrow! Today i updated to the latest(optional) and crashed again.


It would be interesting to see if the crash still occurs if the PCI mode is set to legacy PCI3 in the BIOS for the GPU (it’s a compatibility mode for AMD motherboards already using PCI4 lanes for GPU, m.2, etc.)

Bare in mind that Steinberg recommend not to use third party Graphic software , just to use windows drivers for such reasons .

Could you please explain better what you mean? The drivers from amd that needed to run a gpu are 3rd party?

If you don’t load the AMD Eyefinity or what ever the extra software is called now for tweaking and just use the basic drivers then the cubase should run more smoothly .It was recommended not to load the add on software as this could introduce glitching . Ive never had a problem myself running the Radeon software but it was advised not to run it

it also crashes with the “default” windows driver called compatibility driver.

Hey i tried this one , and is stable ! so staying here for now.

hey , spl replied
you can download asio4all and see if this makes any difference, some users iprove their stability by doing this.

so i tried asio4all and i ve seen a very little improvment on current measure but on highest dpc tab is still high . Could you please tell me what is the number that i have to look in latency mon that needs improvement?

Sorry , i don’t quite understand what you mean ?

What is the most important tab inside latency mon that i should concern? Highest dpc or current measurements?

hi dynamis

Latencymon will give you a general overview of the system - but it won’t explain crashes.

What you are looking for is low numbers in ALL areas. Latencymon will tell you if it thinks something is a problem. Post the results here if you like ?

If you google the SPL crimson - you see many other people have issues with their drivers…

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Yeah I figured out that the problem is the spl.
When I unplugged spl everything works fine and dpc is around 30ms, with spl dpc is around 800ms. I think i will move to rme :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I fully recommend RME


RME all the way here , but the numbers you are looking for on a standard dpc setup are
500us is a reasonable round trip of latency
200us is a good round trip
100us and under is very good . Mine fluctuates between 92 /135us , haven’t found the resolve for this yet but it may be a process kicking in a and out but it’s no hassle . any where below 1000us means your machine should be capable of handling all tasks to preform the round trip latency with no issues
Im sure i’ll stand corrected if ive missed something or put an exclamation mark in the wrong place :smiley:

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