Supervision bug? + crashdump file

Hello , just download the demo pro version cubase 11 , could someone read this crashdump file and tell me what causes these crashes? This happened when use supervision, squaser ,imager from cubase.
Crashdump file: 163.2 KB file on MEGA


The crash is in the graphic card driver:


The very same crash is here or here.

hey thanks for fast reply , well my graphic card is updated to the latest driver.
Is it a bug from cubase ? cause the graphic card works great with other daws. I did some testing on FL , STUDIO ONE and REAPER,
what do you suggest me to do ?


There is nothing more in the stack_text. No Cubase, no plug-in mentioned.

seems the Radeon cards are causing crashes in Cubase 11. I have noticed that if I hold my mouse button down too long while resizing Cubase will crash. if you let the mouse button go after 1 second or something like that, it will not crash. This apply to everything in Cubase from the mixer to the plugins. I also sent a crashdump and was told the same thing, atidxx64 which should be my graphics card :frowning:

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so cubase 11 doesn’t support ati radeon cards

well, I didn’t say that - but I sure know how to crash my Cubase if I want with those drivers/cards. cubase runs smooth once you have everything sized up. hold your mouse button and drag your mixer around and see if yours crashes too

i resized supervision and click twice right click and left click and crashed
hahahah its so funny but also a sad true.
If any system on the planet with ati radeon graphics can reproduce this bug , I would say thats a cubase bug and not ati radeon bug .

I’m running a 7 year old Radeon card with no issues in C11 , how many other programs are you running at the same time in the background ?

Sorry , i can’t reproduce it with my Radeon , again are you running any other programs in the background that might be using resources ?

i have 3950x cpu and rx5700xt graphics card m1 ssds and 32 gb ram .I run skype sometimes in the background. nothing else ,
i dont think that its running out of resources and crash , if it was the case it would crash on every daw
and why it doesnt happen on cubase 10 and 10,5 ?

It’s not the question of running out of resources , it’s the question of preforming other tasks before the ones needed for supervision , if you have a bottle neck then there’s a possibility this will happen , have you optimized your system . DPC checked ?

sorry but what is DPC? i have optimized it for audio if thats what you mean, i followed some guides.
But if you know something else that would help let me know.

DPC checks for any bottle necks on your PC with audio but if your processors being held up with another process then … im only making suggestions , worth a try

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hey , i didnt know anything about this . well i noticed latency in the system and mostly caused from this Wdf01000.sys and at the moment i cant find any solution ,
also the ntoskrnl.exe caused big latancy but i found a fix and now its ok.

Ok , so any difference with Supervision ?

I just found out that the DPC latency issue was from my spl crimson 3 , thats really bad . i will try with the soundard unplugged if i get any crashes on cubase.

Ouch , something like SPL shouldn’t be an issue , Latest firmware installed ?
The DPC certainly sorts your system out , i would of agreed about a bug but as most people have the Supervision running ok with Radeon cards then questions need to be asked as it’s all the same coding from one to another

Yes with spl unplugged i get 50-80 ms
and plugged 1300ms
probably their drivers causing the problem.
i sent them an email to see if we can find a solution to this.

I tried to reproduce the supervision bug without the spl plugged in and it wasnt possible
so i can say that this time cubase isnt the problem. Thanks for pointing me to check DPC latency .

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Your welcome , sorry to hear about the SPL ,that’s the last thing i would of suspected im sure they can sort the issue out but im glad SuperVisions working now . Let us know what SPL say if you can

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