[SuperVision] Can't see exact frequency values in Spectogram

Hi! I’m using the SuperVision Spectrogram in Cubase 11 to analyze some audio samples. When moving my mouse cursor around the Spectrogram, I’m unable to see the exact frequency values my cursor is currently aligned with.

Notice how a vertical line is rendered on the Spectrogram where my mouse cursor is, under which the X axis (the time) is shown (00:07:01). I would also like to see the Y value (the frequency, ie. 258 hz). Is there some way to achieve this in SuperVision?

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I agree with you! I would like to be able to see the exact frequency or the note, a few days ago I noticed what you are commenting on, greetings.
Concuerdo contigo! Me gustaría que se pudiera ver la frecuencia exacta o la nota, hace días atrás note esto que comentas, saludos.