Supervision doesnt refresh

Hi - I find that supervision doesnt refresh and often gets stuck on a reading even after I clip the hell out of the master it stays as -7.6LUFS, then when i remove the plugin and add it again it now says --2.4LUFS. the refresh button (circular button on top right) also doesnt seem to do anything.
Any tips on this?
I really dont wanna have to go the izotope insight 2 option as Ide like to stick to cubase stock plugins as much as possible. also, I am using cubase 12.0.6 on mac M1 Native. I put supervision usually 2nd last on the master bus before tonal balance control 2.


Can we see a screenshot please?

Hi @xerix, generally, if you are loosing audio blocks in SuperVision due to performances issues and this is a big problem (for example in case of Loudness measurement) I invite you to enable the “Sample Accurate” mode for this specific module.

See: Module Settings Window

Otherwise, I’m open to improving the situation in “Maximum Audio Performance” and therefore I would like to ask you if you could provide us a list of the modules you used and their settings? If you can, maybe just the cpr/npr project file? This way we could try to reproduce it on M1 macs and try to improve the situation/fix it.

Thanks for response, when you say module are you referring to what vsts im using?
Drums: kontakt 7 kinglake drums
Bass: eurobass 3
Gita l & gita r: stl tonehub
Vocals: processed audio

In terms of vst effects im using waves (l2, kramer pie, ssl, vocal rider, maxx bass, cla vocals etc…)
Pro q 3, soothe, newfangled saturate, inflator, cla 76, standard clip and alot more to name from.
I could send you the project file but ive noticed its happening to all my project’s (also you would need same plugins as me to recreate it).
Is there an easier to for you to troubleshoot?

No, he means the Supervision modules.
That’s why I asked for screenshots.