SUPERVISION: Missing critical modes

Really appreciate the addition of Supervision and has some great features but a very basic one missing is the overlay of Side channel over Mid


Check out free SPAN by voxengo

This is exactly what I mean


Hello Aurasphere,
Have you tried to enable side-chain and then use the Channel selector to select Main & Side-Chain?
See: SuperVision
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Thanks for the reply
Have read it a number of times before posting…does ms but in separate M and S window so you can see the overlay unless Im missing something.


Hello Aurasphere,
Indeed it doesn’t do that out of the box at the moment.
This can be achieved using the Side-chain input and a plugin to separate the track into Mid and Side; but this is indeed not that simple.

Unfortunately not. Its nice to trim down where possible…but Ill keep using span for now. Naively it has the mechansism…just not the final connections. Once your eyes are open to tools like this (thanks to Dan Worall) its very hard to go back

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This is indeed the only reason that keeps me from using supervision and staying with span. Having M and S in the same graph is essential for my mastering workflow…It would be good to have a similar option in supervision.

Absolutely…its indispensable for getting an idea of masking and control for mono mixdown…almost voodoo without it…especially with the highlight colours.

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