Supervision post or pre?

hello, monitoring a project, where shall i place supervision, as a last of the insert chain, or last of the send chain?
ii would say send…is that correct?

p.s. i put compressor, magneto, stereo enhancer, limiter, frequency (just for dc offset filtering) in the insert of the master out…is that correct or should i put them in them send also?

thank you

There is no rule where to pur supervision, you can place it anywhere where it makes sense to you and what you want to monitor.

The plugins you mentioned should go on the master bus, they don’t belong on send/fx channels (especially with stereo widener and EQ you can get phase problems)

Yes no send, what i mean exactly is pre/post fader
I HAVE put them in post, aeems best practice

I recommend you use the control room in Cubase if you are putting Supervision on your master bus. Then you can insert Supervision as your last plugin on the output you are listening to and it will be active for every project you load so you don’t have to set it up for every project


If you do not touch (e.g. automate) the fader on your master bus, it doesn’t matter where you put the plugins. If you do use the fader though, I would recommend putting things like compressors or saturators or tape sims pre fader, else you change the level going in the plugin and that will make it behave and sound differently.
The only plugin I put post fader on the master bus is usually the limiter (which does also dither). But I rarely move the master fader anyway except for a fade out…

this is the opposite of what i think though. I had the fx before on pre…but then i realize that if i change the master volume( but i also tend to leave it at 0 all the time) there is a big change in how the fx affect the sound. …take the supervision…if i lower the master out supervision still give the same level and this is not correct
also i f i have compressione lt’s say 70% send/dry…if i lower the master that poportion remain with post fader, but in pre that proportion change…isnt’it?

I second @glennloopez 's advice - put SuperVision on the master bus in the control room, and you’ll be able to monitor your actual stereo out signal for every project you load. Very convenient, and something I do as well.

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a ‘metering buss’ in my Template. And then route signals to it as needed. Not right for every situation, or maybe even any?

It all depends on ‘what’ you want to meter, surely? There is no right or wrong.

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