Supervision Side chain

Function request: I would like, in Supervision, to be able to send signals to the different modules, separately, for example from a reference mixture. The idea would be in a single instance of supervision in the control room, or in the MixBuss, to have a spectrum analyzer, load another module and send the desired signal through SC to be able to see them side by side. or for example charge up to 9 vumeters and send each one the signal of our groups (please don’t tell me I can upload 9 supervisions…)

Hi Pablin,

In SuperVision, you can already enable side-chain, and configure the current module to display the content of the side-chain instead of the main input. Some modules even allow to display both at the same time.

See the note in Channel selector: SuperVision


OH!!! Dammit!!! you can!!! Thank you so much!!! it was so easy to set up… I feel ashamed!! jbrolland just made my day!!

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Although it can continue to be improved. change the colors, overlay several references…

Thanks again!!!

good…for some unknown reason, Supervision, in a project it becomes unstable … Cubase becomes unusable…if you manage to deactivate the SC everything works fine … I think I had too many illusions …too much modules…i guess

Hi Pablin,

If you experience a crash, please send me the crashdump files in private message, because there are currently no known crashing issues in this area…

The crashdumps are available on windows here:

Otherwise, some modules have the tendencies to use a quite some graphical resources; therefore can slow down the user interface globally, depending on the processing power of your machine… If that’s the case, my advice would indeed be to reduce the amount of modules you use at the same time for now. Please also make sure your operating system, graphics drivers and Cubase are up-to-date. In any case, the performances with multiple modules in Supervision will be something that might get improved in the future as well.

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no, I don’t have a crash as such, but a slowdown of the interface. I have everything up to date as far as possible. but my question is, because it only happens when you have the sidechain up and running. And eademas is more noticeable when you are in a project, even without plugins. I would dare to say that it works more fluidly in the master bus than in the Control Room