supper annoying issue, (output linked)

Im experiencing a very annoying issue, sometimes seems like output or “master” in the mix console, is linked but is not linked, somehow sometimes is “selected” and with this is enough to make happen this strange issue… if I down volume from some channel master go down if I equalize, it happens also in the master… ¿why? if there is non linked track… is very annoying, is this a bug? or I missing something?


Could you send a screenshot of the MixConsole, please? No VCA?

There is no VCA. When I click on Q-Link, and I select the faders I want to move up or down, or the EQ, most of the times the Stereo Output channel is selected, but I don’t understand why as Im not touching it, is very annoying…

¿How can I avoid this?

This must be a bug… I just noticed… it happens not only with output…

sometimes and suddenly, when I select audio 22 in the arrange (for example) the channel selected and lightness in the MixConsole goes to the audio 20… is not supposed to happen like this or yes?


Could you share any affected project, please?


Now I got it! This is an known issue in C9.5.x.

When you 1st select a channel in the MixConsole (and the related track is in the collapsed folder in the Project window), and then you select any other track in the Project window, the 1st selected channel/track remains selected. (CAN-19014)