Supplying Power to Studio Equipment

I am considering re arranging my home studio and I was looking at my equipment and the ugly mess of power cords and strips feeding the components. I think its safe, but it looks like a fire waiting to happen. These things are all over the place and so I’m looking for a more convenient way to switch on and off power to all of the studio equipment. Something maybe a little more centralized. Something that could ensure consistent grounding and polarity. Something that cleans up all the loose power strips and keeps power circuits away from audio cables. You know, something that probably does not exist.

Except for the UPS package, I generally don’t leave the studio equipment powered on when I’m not here – I turn everything off. Presently I have a minimum of 6 different power buttons that I hit to get things hot. In one case I have to get on my hands and knees to turn on one of the power strips. Also, if I don’t get things going in the proper order, it can cause problems. I’m planning to add some equipment in the near future which might require an additional power circuit to the room. If I throw it together in my usual manner there will be more power strips and more ugly.

I did a search on this forum and didn’t see this issue specifically addressed. So I wonder what some of the more experienced people have come up with to control studio power. Anyone out there solved this problem? Or are we all living with the same kind of mess?

This is perhaps the least exciting, least sexy thing I’ve ever purchased for my studio - but it’s insanely helpful.

Everything in my studio is powered by this sucker. I’ve got it mounted on the front of my rack that my mixer is on. I used scribble tape and a sharpie to label what each switch powers. I have a few of the outlets in the back connected to other power strips. For instance, I have one switch for my keyboard rig (which is 4 keyboards). One switch powers everything in the rack. One switch for mixer, one for console. All labeled. Toggle switches light when on. Super easy to use.

Definitely not an exciting gear purchase, but very practical.