Support contact me please

It would appear that you’ve deleted my shop account (the one that I bought c8 from)

I’m using the login details that are included on my invoice (email), they no longer work.

Use the “forgot my password” feature?

It doesn’t think the email address exists in the system…I get a message before i even enter a password
“Account does not exist. Create account”

like i said, I’m using the login details I have in the confirmation email when purchasing c8.

I can access the update from 7.5 to 8 via the link in that email. but not the mysteinberg area. it asks for login details again and when entering them i get the message “Account does not exist. Create account”

How could I have updated to 8.0.10 if I didn’t have an account?
In fact how could I have purchased the upgrade to 8.0?

I’m trying to get the full cubase installation file. rather than just the upgrade. So I don’t have to install 7.5 first on a reinstall.


it looks like you are mixing up MySteinberg and Asknet. The log in details you have been given with the purchase are for your Asknet customer account.

MySteinberg is not linked to the Asknet webshop in any way - you need to create a MySteinberg account separately.

Accounts are also completely separate from your license (i.e. you might be running Cubase 8 and regularly update it without having an account, it just checks for a license).

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