support for cmc controllers

Will there be direct support for the cmc controllers in wl8? (or maybe even in wl7)
I mean, for instance the CMC-AI, will the AI knob be functional for the selected parameter of a vst?

There is already some support in WaveLab 7 for the CMC-AI.
What would like like more?

Hi PG, what i mean is exactly what i asked: will the AI knob be functional for the selected parameter of a vst?
I’m thinking of getting a cmc-ai (because of it’s size) and it would be great if the AI knob could be used for controlling a vst parameter without using the mouse but a real knob. For example, i’m mastering a track and i want to cut or boost a frequency without looking at the gain or frequency so that your eyes wont tell you what it sounds like but just the ears. That is really only possible without a mouse.

This is possible. The AI button must be selected (blue light). Then you have to move the mouse over the VST-3 parameter to select, and you optionally press the Lock button. The AI knob can then be used.

Is there someplace where I can find compatibility info for the CMC controllers and WaveLab? I discovered this thread literally one day after ordering a CC121, which I bought because I thought it was the only Steinberg controller that had WaveLab support.

If I had known there was CMC support I’d have gotten the CMC TP and CMC AI instead, because all I wanted was transport controls and the AI knob- and the CC121 is enormous on my rather cramped desk (and over 2x the price of what the two CMC controllers would have cost me).

I downloaded the CMC Compatibility Chart from this page at, and there was no mention of WaveLab at all.

Anyway, is it documented anywhere to what extent the CMC AI and CMC TP are supported in WaveLab?


AI, QC, CH, TP are supported. This means there is a preset mapping included in WaveLab >= 7.2

OK, that is good news! Thanks!

Oh dear. I guess I’ll be ordering the AI and TP then. (Thanks for the update, PG.)

Now, what to do with my brand new CC121…

If you’re in the EU and you ordered it online, you have the right to send it back within a certain time after receiving, and get your money back…

CC121 is supported too, it’s even more complete.

It is, and it’s great! (And there’s actually somewhat complete documentation for it in the built-in WaveLab help, an article named “CC121 Advanced Integration Controller”.)

In my case, I really just don’t have the desk space for it- I only bought it because I thought it was my only option for WaveLab control. A couple of the CMC controllers will be much better for my setup.

I haven’t made up my mind what to do yet. The CC121 really is very nice.

EDIT: I just cut a big hole in the back of my desk to run cables through and came up with a solution that doesn’t take up any desk space at all. The CC121 stays! :smiley:

OK, got myself a cmc ai and most of it works great! Nice to see that the AI knob is working nicely with the selected/mouse over parameter indeed, love it! The only thing that i want to change and i can’t get it to work is that I want the F1 > F4 buttons to assign to other parameters but it keeps saying i can’t use it, because it’s connected to another function which i can’t find anywhere.
For instance, I want F1 to be assigned to master section bypass so that i can A/B with the F1 button. It worked nicely with my frontier alphatrack, but can’t get it to work with the CMC-AI. Where can I reset the F1 / F4 functions? Or what are they assigned to right now?

Never mind, found it! :sunglasses:
Thanks anyway.