Support for Cubase 11.0.10 Kontakt 5? (Mac OS 10.14.6)

My composing template (200+ tracks) in Cubase 10 has quite a bit numbers of Kontakt 5 instrument tracks. Cubase 11 blacklists Kontakt 5.8.1 and gives a warning message that the plugin is 32bit and no longer supported. However, according to Native Instruments, Kontakt 5.7 and up are in 64bit. Am I missing something?

Has anyone found a way to load Kontakt 5 in Cubase 11?

Thank you for reading and responding!

The 32 bit version of Kontakt is listed in your blacklist. The 64 bit version should be listed in your VST Plug-in manager.

My VST Plug-in manager doesn’t have Kontakt 5. In fact, Cubase 11 crashes when I open an older project with Kontakt 5 instances.

There is only one set of .vst files for me. Do you have two separate sets of Kontakt 5.vst in the Plug-ins/VST folder? Are they named differently?

If Kontakt is working in C10, have a look in the list of plugins- it should show the path to the 64 bit dlls, if I remember correctly. Then apply that to C11.
I had the same problem when I installed C11. Kontakt was still working in C10.5 & C7.5
C11 just can’t see them at the moment.
Not at my rig at the moment so hope this helps a bit