Support for external drives. MUST HAVE IT!

Hi, we are getting bigger and bigger sound libraries, and also steinbergs are getting bigger. and we are using smaller SSD, because we want the speed of them. But they are not big. so getting OS and all sound libraries to fit into one 256GB or 128GB is a no go… I struggle on my 512GB…

So please, add support for external drives :slight_smile:

Officially, it already does in the sense that you can uninstall various elements and then reinstall them where you want them.

Unofficially, the OS has the ability to do what you ask.

If you use Windows, have a look at this thread where I discuss using file system junctions to move directories to new drives.

If you have a Mac, the thread above still applies, but the commands to create various types of file systems links may well be different.

Do you need an SSD for sample libraries? I use an SSD for the OS and programs, and a 7200 regular drive (3 TB) for my samples. This works fine, and I’ve plenty of room. But I’m not a crazy heavy sample user. Moderate use.

As long as it’s working well for you on spinning platters then all is well :slight_smile:

Your better VSTi engines are prepared to make use of system RAM to help compensate for slower drives.

In short…don’t worry about it unless you reach a point where it’s obvious your sample hosting hard drive can’t keep up. When deciding if you really ‘need’ to move sample sets for VSTi plugins to faster drives (or spread them out more across multiple slower drives), I’d say first max out your system RAM and make use of that (ask samplers to pre-load more into ram).