support from team cubase


I would love to help from the staff, and not from Forum members, and not because I don’t appreciate the knowledge of Forum Members, simply I need clear answers on the subject of USBe-Licenser And licenses.

I tried to search for email contact details but could not find.

I have Cubase 7 and I want to upgrade to 8…
just a few questions I hope you can answer me about them soon.

So please if one of the board members can contact me I’ll be happy(Whether it is a private message or email).



Please post your questions on the thread, then the community can benefit from the answer as well. You can also, fill out a Support Request Form from your MySteinberg account.

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I can’t find Support Request…
How can I contact?


Once you have logged in click on 'MySupport" on the top menu.

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I did that,than “Steinberg distributors” and than what i need to contact with “International Steinberg Distributors”?
This is not what I’m looking for…i’m looking for email or something…

Posting your question to this thread will probably be the fastest way to get an answer. It’s possible that in your country the distributor is the support contact. The moderators whose names are in blue are Steinberg staff.

You’re absolutely right…I don’t think it should be like this,I gave up, I’ll write it here :frowning:

i bought from someone cubase 7 (Was used already) and the "activation code has been used already "
I understood the activation code has been used already,and i need to talk with the personi bought it from for “un-register” it…After checking with him he could not do that.end of story.

steinberg Can not do anything about it even though I can prove everything I bought this product and have valid data properly…That’s how I understand my regret

so now…
I realized my bet is buy another USBe-eLicenser…So I went and found this
Does it fit? And that’s the only thing I have to buy for release the register?

If I don’t buy the USBe-eLicenser, In the present situation, i purchase the new Updated 8 everything will work properly right? but still It will be listed on the dongle been used already right?

The excavation is over,too bad Cubase work that way it just complicates.
Please Notice all my questions

Most importantly - thanks! :wink:

In a case where you buy a used Cubase from someone, they must include the USB elicenser (AKA ‘dongle’), since that’s where the license is kept. This is separate from registration. A USB dongle with a license on it will allow you to run Cubase. And, the Elicenser Control Center should display your elicenser number and Cubase license.

You also have to download the latest Elicenser Control Center software.

If you did not receive a dongle from the seller they have not given you what you paid for and simply buying another dongle won’t solve this problem.

Sorry if I am the bearer of bad news…

I’m sorry maybe I did not explain myself properly, the cubase i bought working,when i put the dongle the license is cubase 7.this is not the issue.

After installation, i put the dongle and go to elicenser control center.
Pressed “enter activation code” than i put the numbers press continue and it said :"the activation code has been used already "

then Like I said before,
I understood the activation code has been used already,and i need to talk with the personi bought it from for “un-register” it…After checking with him he could not do that.end of story.
the cubase run But I want peace of mind,although I believe the person I bought it from.

Now you have a better background to all my questions :wink:

So you are simply asking if you can transfer a license from a registered dongle to a different one? I don’t know of any limitations to doing that.

What happens when you try to register the dongle from the Registration menu in the Elicenser Control Center?


Your eLicenser with the number --------- ----------- was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

No license found?
In case the eLicenser Control Center on your computer shows licenses that are not listed here, please click on “Maintenance” to transmit the current content of the eLicenser to our server. Please wait for a couple of minutes and then register the eLicenser again.
For further questions, please contact the Steinberg support using the Support Request Form here in MySteinberg (if available) or send a mail to

Can you upload a screen shot of the Elicenser Control Center window and the error?

I copied exactly everything that was written.

If it is necessary, I’ll upload a screen shot.

I think the main issue here is that the OP wants to be eligible for upgrade from 7 to 8 but the product is not registered to him, the licence for 7 he’s already got on a dongle. That’s what I seem to get from this thread.

Hello joy,

we’re running in circles, I’m afraid. I provided all the needed info via PM, there is really nothing more to that.
To sum it up:

– The dongle is registered to another user
Meaning we cannot transfer the registration to you - this is a legal matter, nothing can be done without receiving a request of cancellation from the registered user

– The Activation Code is used: this is perfectly normal as ACs can only be used once to download the license, which is on the dongle you have

– You registered a new USB-eLicenser in MySteinberg and receive a message that it contains no licenses - this is also normal until you transfer the license from the old dongle to the new one via the eLicenser Control Center

Now, given you cannot have the person who sold you the software to delete the registration, you are left with one option: transfer the license to a new UEB-eLicenser and register that.

As it looks like you have already registered the dongle to your account, you just need to transfer the license:
– Plug both dongles to your computer
– Open the eLicenser Control Center
– Click on the Cubase license on the right pane and drop it on the new dongle entry on the left pane. Done

As the new dongle is registered to you already, the license will show up in your account as soon as MySteinberg and the licensing server synchronise.