Support gone silent?

Someone in support asked me to send crash reports for an issue, variaudio crashing NU10 regularly. I did but they have gone silent, I’ve tried to reach out again and again, nothing,

Now today …UNDO (and delete a newly recorded event) have stopped working .
Many restarts. It’s a problem. Anyone else ??

If anyone can chime in, much appreciation. Support is sadly MIA.

If anyone has experienced an onset of …UNDO a recorded event (and deleting / editing a newly recorded event) just stops working. please kindly chime in.

If I quit & reopen NU it will sometimes behave as it should but just for a while. And often NU will crash on quitting when the behavior starts, before it will reopen.


I’m sorry, Cubase/Nuendo 10 is not officially supported anymore. It’s 4 generations (around 5 years) old product.

So I wouldn’t be durprised if there are no tools to resolve the crash file anymore.

In these cases, very often we recommend to try to start Nuendo with the Disabled preferences from the Nuendo Safe Start Dialog. Or even to rename/remove all Nuendo preferences folders to get the factory settings.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Nuendo X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Nuendo X_64

Also make sure all your plug-ins and commponents are up to date, please.

Thank you for your response.

Maybe it seems reasonable or rational to others but for me, it’s a bit frustrating that previous products get discontinued support wise. I’ve been on NU since ver. 1 and it just gets pretty cost prohibitive for some, like myself to keep on updating. +Computer wise etc.

I’m admittedly not a super user of all the functions doing music prod but at this point it seems reasonable to just stick with Nuendo. (Vs cubase etc)
I’m just conflicted about if I should upgrade at this point considering I’m on a 5.1 Mac and OS High Sierra with no inclination to change anytime soon.
Again, appreciate the thoughts though.

Unfortunately, there is a point at which it is no longer realistic to support old versions. Nuendo 10 is now three paid updates out of date. Once a new paid update is released, Steinberg’s normal practice is to release one further version of the previous major version to backport some fixes, then there will be no further releases. Once no further releases are planned then there is not a lot that support can do.

In your case, you have reached the end of the line without new hardware because of Apple’s policy of deprecating older hardware fairly quickly. Many 5.1 Macs cannot be upgraded past High Sierra without a GPU change - and the value of that expensive GPU upgrade is questionable considering that Apple’s future will be Apple Silicon and there will not be any future Intel Macs. Nuendo 10 was the last version of Nuendo that supported High Sierra.

Sadly, you are on your own - you are using obsolete hardware, running an obsolete and unsupported version of Nuendo on an obsolete and unsupported operating system. Generally speaking, hardware is deprecated less quickly in the Windows world. That said, Microsoft set reasonably challenging minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, meaning there are an awful lot of Windows systems still in use that do not meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11. Unless unofficial tricks are used to install Windows 11 (which is, of course, not supported by Microsoft) then these systems are unsupported as of the Windows 10 end-of-life date in October 2025.

You are spot on. The discontinued support is frustrating. Contrary to what Martin said, the products in question (Cubase / Nuendo 10.x) are not about five years old, but merely 3 1/2 years - in case of Cubase 10.5 just 2 1/2 years.

Steinberg’s support is very slow and often times the anwers from there differ vastly from what the Steinberg employees on this forum have to say to a given problem.

Dropping support for a product so soon has more to do with inner affairs inside the Steinberg company, so I believe.

Of course your hardware is not obsolete, neither is your Nuendo version or your OS. You are a victim of a questionable company decision.

Apple dropped support for High Sierra on 1 December 2020, nearly three years ago. That version of macOS was first released in 2017. Nuendo 10 was released in September 2019 and is now three major versions out of date, as Nuendo 13 was released yesterday.

The shorter support lifetimes that are typical these days merely reflect the reality that once a new paid update ships, there will be no more than a few backported fixes from the next version and security updates to the end-of-life date. Meanwhile, support personnel’s knowledge is perishable; they will be much less familiar with older versions as they get close to their end-of-life date than they will with the latest versions that make up the majority of their workload.

The reality is that the OP is using an unsupported version and no amount of discussing product lifecycles is going to change that.

I was referring to the last update of Nuendo 10, which was Nuendo 10.3.10 in April 2020. But let’s not be nitpicking here.

The shorter support lifetimes that are typical these days merely reflect the tendency of understaffed support departments as well as the tendency to push a customer into a paid update to get support. If a company releases software that’s not quite ready for the release, it’s clear that the support guys are having a hard time keeping up. Telling the customer that support for a 3 year old product is not available anymore is not the solution to fix that.

That seems to be the truth, unfortunately.

chetd, btw - you mentioned that you already had contact to support regarding your problem and that you’ve been asked to send a crash report.

The last times I wrote to the support the reaction times were between 3 and 8 weeks. So maybe there’s still hope.

Thanks for mentioning that regarding supports response times.

My personal issues with not being able to keep up with the ongoing update costs aside, I have to wonder if those kind of response times apply to someone who has the most current version of the product? I’d hope not.
I might consider an update to NU13 when the dust settles a bit more on the impressions.
Still, it’s my view that one should be able to live with a current-ish (like 10) version that is not the most recent, for whatever reason, without feeling they’re without any support options. I mean The cost outlays from version 1 to version 10 has not been insignificant… but I digress there.