Support is very disappointing

Very disappointed in the support for this product. Such an awesome tool but boy when you need a little help you are really on your own.


You can use this forum to ask questions. :wink:

I couldn’t agree more.
I’d make some sort of formal complaint but they would never [EDITED by moderator, please watch your language!] receive it!

Chiming in here in Jan 2021. First of all, in the past it was said that the Steinberg Forum is not an official support channel, hence you could not expect any kind of support but it was at least sometimes done, but w/o warranty, I’d say. Martin, I know you are a good guy and very supportive here, highly appreciated. But today I looked into my open cases in the official Steinberg Support system via MySteinberg and cases from last year were simply set to “solved” with no further comment nor any notification! That is inacceptable! It is simply ignoring the customer. For what shall I even enter my cases if noone really gives a dime about it? That is not the right attitude to support the userbase. And am really upset about the fact they just closed my request. All been reopened, rest assured. Now in product (release) support, they are again disapointing the users. With 11.0.10 long overdue little was fixed and even new stuff broken (missing scales in meter display selection is just one example).
The forum is full of requests, complaints etc. but it is not really well streamlined, although it was tried many times and again with the new forum restart. I am not feeling recognized by posting stuff in the forum because by my long term experience (excluding you and helpful users) there is no support coming through the forum. That’s a fact.
So I totally agree to IronMike that Steinberg’s support is not functioning in the right manner.
Best example will be my post. Nobody will care and look into my cases, why I did not get any replies and reaction. That will simply not happen.
Other companies even dare to answer questions via their social media channels, and not only simple questions but technical, even without asking me if I own their app. That’s smart support,


I’m sorry to hear about it.