Support Request Form: Does it work?

Hello There,

Last Sunday I filled the support request form, explaining the problem I had with Cubase. It says there that we normally receive a acknowledgement email within 24 hours. I didn’t get one. I sent another form on Monday morning but I haven’t heard from the Cubase technical guys. For the second form I used a different browser, like suggested by the support team but nothing!

I wonder if anyone from support can tell me what’s going on?



Has always worked for me. I usually get an auto-gen email within an hour, and a reply from a rep within 48 hrs. Did you check your spam folder?

I have always been replied too in a timely manner.

Hey, check what email address you have associated with your mysteinberg. One time, I didn’t realize it was oing somewhere I was not checking.


Thank you very much!!! That’s exactly what happened. I thought I’d updated my email address in MySteinberg, but I hadn’t. Steinberg had actually replied the following day, but to an old email address I don’t use anymore.
I’ll change my email address now!

Thanks again!


Thanks for your help, I forgot to update my email address in MySteinberg and my emails were sent to an address I don’t check anymore!