Support Request Form

HELP!!! :cry:

Is any one able to take me through step by step how/where to find the ‘support request form’. The only reference I can find is that I can access it through My Steinberg account but I just seem to be going in circles :blush:

I need to request a new activation code for Cubase AI that came with my UR22mkII. I lost everything when I had to wipe my hard drive.

I hope this makes sense… I don’t know what I’m doing :frowning:

Have you signed in to your MySteinberg account ? This is not the same as this Forum.

When you sign in you should get a screen as per attached screen shot which has options for both Support and Re-Activation. If you click the Re-Activate option you should get a list of your licenses and then can click on it to get a new code.

Thank you Planachrist! I managed to re-activate :smiley:

:smiley: Good, always good to hear a success story!