Support Retina (HiDPI) display

I was surprised that Cubase 7.5 wasn’t Retina ready. I’m shocked Cubase 8 Pro isn’t.

Cubase 8 is a step forward in many ways; but not supporting Retina is an oversight. It is difficult enough to read small text, when it is blurry, it is aggravating. Please enable Retina support in the next version of Cubase. Thanks.


Yes, Pro tools, Ableton Live, Logic, and more, have it …
For a 549€ product, I think the interface must be looking good … Because low resolution is ugly …
The best for us is to have a timeline about this feature if it’s possible.

This feature will be mandatory as DPI keeps increasing.

Aloha guys,

Makes no diff here as long as i can ‘hear’ the music
and ‘see’ the notation.


The seeing part might become a problem when screen elements keep decreasing in size as DPI increases.

It would make a huge difference to me if I owned any Retina Displays (and I know I am going in the future). Luckily, it currently doesn’t affect me but I definitely welcome Retina Support.

+1 please support retina ASAP.

Did Steinberg comment on the missing Retina support for Cubase yet? Can we expect a ‘Retina update’ for Cubase 8 for Mac any time soon?

+1 please

The Knowledgebase has stated that “we currently do not support these higher retina solutions, but will in future updates” for 3 versions now (that I can remember!).

PLEASE Steinberg, roll out a quick resolution and graphics optimization update and make this a thing of the past. There are SO many creatives who want to work within the mobility of their Macbook Pro Retinas, and you guys already have awesome iPad support with your mobile apps so this needs to happen!

I hope the GUI rewrite is still an ongoing project because in this state it seems unfinished.

FL Studio 12 has switched to vector graphics and is fully scalable – a significantly more modern design.

  • 1 Please.

Another plea for this. It looks really terrible on retina displays. Even the load/save dialog windows are hazy.

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Hi to all,

I have bin asking this for a few year with no respons from steinberg on this subject.
I think they don’t find this importent to implement this into cubase. I know that some of the other DAW,s have retina support. For al the stupid people who don’t find this importent just keep silent. Going from non-retina to retina feels so muts better. When it comes to Mac based problem in general or asking for retina support. Where the group that is left behind. People who run cubase on windows just get better support and they say where the arrogant-ones because we have a Mac based computer.

Retina support +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Wow, that’s awesome.

+1, cubase would really benefit from that. Lets try to get a bit ahead of the curve here…

+1 Here!

Please please please. I cannot believe this has STILL not been implemented. Pretty please?

Good news: based on screenshots (1, 2), the Steinberg’s latest product — Dorico — supports HiDPI (High-DPI, Retina) and provides quality sharp nonblurry GUI.

The screenshots are obviously taken on macOS, but hopefully HiDPI support also applies to Windows version of Dorico. A confirmation by a Steinberg’s official (probably by Armand Rochette, Ben at Steinberg, or Daniel at Steinberg) or an actual user of Dorico for Windows would be welcome.

It’s logical to expect that the upcoming Cubase 9 will support HiDPI too.

To Steinberg developers: a solution for compatibility with VST plugins that don’t support scaling is to implement VST host as a separate executable so that Windows could apply DPI scaling to the VST host even if the DAW itself is in HiDPI mode.

For what it’s worth, among major Windows DAWs that are already HiDPI-compatible are:

  • Image-Line FL Studio 12+ (scalable up to 400%, HiDPI mode is enabled by default, extra non-DPI-aware executables are provided for use with outdated plugins);
  • PreSonus Studio One 3+ (HiDPI can be enabled in settings);
  • Ableton Live (formally not DPI-aware and so blurry by default, but there is a setting for scaling up to 200%, and the DAW works correctly when HiDPI mode is forced via executable’s properties).

Going to HiDPI and scaleable UI is inevitable, and as 4K monitors get more popular (and 8K monitors are already on the way), HiDPI support will probably become just a matter of being able to meet competition.

Just the fact that such transition isn’t technically simple doesn’t mean it’s unneeded or unreasonable. But as a temporary workaround, Cubase developers could implement at least the relatively trivial nonblurry scaling of the current unchanged bitmap-based UI by pixel duplication at integer zoom ratios (e.g. 200% (2x), 300%, 400%), so that UI would be mostly sharp, just pixelated instead of being blurry.

Such scaling by pixel duplication would be drastically better than the blurry mess we currently have due to default bilinear DPI scaling that Windows applies automatically to non-DPI-aware applications (or, even worse, the tiny UI due to false DPI-awareness declared but not implemented).

So we could easily have this:

instead of this:

For even better understanding what is nonblurry scaling by pixel duplication, please see my web demo.

And as a subject to dream of, this is how a true High-DPI version of Cubase could look like:

Actually, looks like some work toward HiDPI is underway:

It’s interesting what’s the progress after two years.