“Steinberg Technical Support does not support Cubase 6 application on Windows XP Operating System. Cubase 6 is just tested on Windows 7 Operating System at 32 or 64 bit version”

Need I say any more? :unamused: This is a direct quote from part of my “support request”.

So to all of us “Dinosaurs” out there using XP (because it has proven to be stable, reliable and can be optomised for audio creation) it looks like we’re on our own, and relying on the good will of the generous people on this forum.


Yeah but C6 has been “optimised” to run on W7 and it’s stated in the minimum specs… W7 no mention of XP or other window OS. (mac is another matter)

Anyway quite a few of us have C6 running very well on XP (at our own risk), you just wont get offical support.

It would always be wise to check all the options before splashing out $$$ on a system.

The only option would be to update to W7 (or mac) if you want official support, of course a certain level of user support can be had here :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems, nowadays people buy, without actually knowing what they buy, then go to forums and complain…

Support won’t even think about helping you out will they? Recently, I had a problem setting up the elements trial on an XP. I contacted support, and all they did was rub it in that I was using XP. It’s a good thing you’ve got excellent help here. Hopefully you won’t need it, since Cubase usually runs nicely on XP and sometimes Vista, as Split already said. I do understand why SB doesn’t support XP or Vista. XP is normally not as strong of a computer, having less RAM, CPU and so forth. Vista is the ultimate digital screwup, one of the most problematic systems to work on in a DAW atmosphere. Although, there are a few out there who use it all the time. Unfortunately, I’m one of those. :cry:


Try running XP Media Center Edition, NOBODY supports that OS. I know, I run it. :wink:

Win 7 64bit is the light go towards it lol! seriously very stable :slight_smile:

Happy new year all.

They made the statement about XP a loooong time ago. An easy upgrade for a studio of modest income.
If you tell me you’re a pauper I’ll wonder why you bought Cubase.

I got C6 as an upgrade as I presumed it was “better”. Didn’t noticed the “Don’t buy this if you have XP and want support” banners at every point of the transaction process! Had the PC built purely for music and C5 as it was at the time, so if it’s an update to Windows 7 so be it. However, in my “ignorant” defense I was advised against Windows 7 as an OS for a Music PC.

I just don’t want to have to “throw a double 6” before I can start creating and recording music.

I’m just tooooo old, and don’t get enough time these days!

Thanks for your input Thinking Cap. I was using Cubase on Atari 24 back in 1988. And have owned Logic before it defected to Apple and all PC support stopped :unamused: .

You´re welcome…

Great! I´ve been using Cubase only since 2002 (actually it was Nuendo 2 then). Seems like this does not have to do anything with reading the system requirements…

Ohhhh…I get it!

The only difference between Cubase 6 and Cubase 5, is 6 has been optimised for Windows 7. There are no added features or improvements. I especially like the bit where it says “There is no chance of running this on XP so don’t buy it”
You presume a lot mate. I did ask the questions and was assured that 6 would run fine on XP.
My problems started when I bought a UR28M because of the limitations of an EMU1212M. Only then did the weirdness begin.
I supply O & M manuals as part of my “other” business and trust me, adding a couple of paragraphs of known or potential issues for “backwards complience” is no big hardship. A few “Cause, effect, solution” scenarios wouldn’t go amiss.
I submitted my question about the routing for the UR28 on the 21st Dec and only received the reply yesterday, which incidentally is one of the reasons I ended up on the Forum.

I came to the forum to find help, which I did, in an enthusiastic and freindly manner. Not to be judged by the likes of you…

When you buy a £500,000, 200mph sports car it does not say “You need lessons to drive this properly” yet so many people do and that is why you see crashed sports cars all over the world.
I can sympathise that it’s very annoying for you but when I saw the specs for C5 I knew then I’d have to upgrade my rig.
Just because the recording medium is software you shouldn’t think it needs any less care to purchase than buying the right mixing console. Research has to be done because Cubase is not the only purchase or equipment that needs a fair amount of consideration. And no company can say everything on the box or in the ads and it’s understandable that they push the positive and you have to find the negs yourself with anything sold on this planet.

What limitations on the 1212m? I don’t find any on mine.

I beg to differ.

Hey Conman,

I am with you 100%. I also deal with software in other arenas and it certainly isn’t a perfect industry.

I needed (wanted) to use some of my hardware units as inserts and the EMU1212 couldn’t do this. The EMU 1212 did however work perfectly well on XP with C6. And I still use its MIDI.

I was always partial to Cubase but made a decision in the early nineties to go over to hardware sequencers for (live) performance. Namely the Roland MC 50. Those things were “bomb-proof” and to be honest served me well on stage and in the studio. Once they were incorporated into the XP range of keyboards I just stayed with it and it served me very well. Collab-ed on a project and ended up buying Logic and used that for a while until it went “Mac exclusive” but the truth is I always prefered Cubase.
I was offered C6 as a grace period upgrade and the promo did its job as I really wanted the features, and have used the drum amd multiple (folder) editing to good effect. Did plenty of research prior to purchase and was quite pleased there was future compatability with W7 should that become my OS of choice. My goat’s up because of arrogant quips from so called senior members (thinking cap) who know nothing of me or how I have arrived at this point. Everyone else has been fantastic, and Bredo yes, I have used information gathered here to solve my issues. The UR28 is a very new piece of hardware and I’m noy sure if the “support” gang are up to speed yet. Maincat, thanks for the link, I couldn’t find it anyware. Cheers all. G :slight_smile:

Forced to jump in and say when I asked for support on XP - I got it. Yes, they said they didn’t support it but they got back to me(twice I think). Eventually I sorted the problem myself and was glad to pass my solution on to them(I think it’s important the customer has just as good a bedside manner as the salesman). I’m now considering W7 only because I have the new Midex 8 drivers for it(has anybody used it, by the way?) and I only have one plug in I want to keep that will need j-bridge.
I will miss XP though…cause I’m old :frowning:

I use to be a hardcore win xp fan for audio recording and when I upgraded to cubase 6, I was afraid that I had to upgrade to win 7. I did a 2nd installation of windows with win 7 to try it and I never reopened win xp. win 7 is rock solid and so much more user friendly when it comes to drivers and connectivity … Cubase 6 is way smoother on win 7. The way to go for me is cubase 6 32 bit on win 7 64 bit (I use cubase 32 bit because of vst and rewire). I also have cubase 64bit installed with jbridge for sessions with a whole lot of vsti (because I have 8 gigs of ram) but otherwise, cubase 32 bit is amazing!

Mine works with W7. But. I haven’t used the very latest 64bit driver but one back from the beta as I can’t make enough out of their site’s description of what the drivers are. :blush: :mrgreen:
However I use the one marked, I think, as compat with Vista 64bit under emulation and it works fine. But for the last few years, aside strangely for that Vista one, the Emu drivers have been a pain to set up.
Emu forum, ish as Emu has been ominously quiet lately.

Yes, they work very well :slight_smile:

I was going to jump in and say something … but… nah

Hes unhappy and want to stay in the last century - he can keep both of trhese things if he wants


Brilliant. Many thanks. :smiley:

I ran it in XP Home. Got very sluggish when I added a lot of plugs and a lot of tracks but my machine is archaic (only 2gb RAM, 1.8ghz CPU, Service Pack 3). If you can upgrade any of these things with your existing machine, do so :sunglasses: