Support ticket has no replies since december

Hi, I have made a support ticket in december that was closed a month later without replies. I got a mail saying I should make a new ticket if I still need help, so I did. But still no reply. My Cubase trial license runs out tomorrow that I got while hoping for a reply before it runs out, but… No.

I can’t add my activation code, can you check out ticket #601007 and #607174 please, I can’t use Cubase anymore until you help me


In Cubase 13, we are not using the eLCC and an activation code anymore. Enter your Download Access Code to the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you didn’t activate your license yet, it cannot expire.

I get an error message when I try to activate because of the transition that happened a while ago. At the time I thought it was a phishing mail. Now it gives me a strange error, and the ticket (#577480) I made in August 2023 that actually got a reply, doesn’t help because it gives me an error. I’d post the error but I’m not home right now so I can’t recreate it.

The TL;DR is I originally had Cubase Pro 9.5, then I upgraded to Pro 12. That was fine for a while until I got that mail. I was absent for a while and when I came back, cubase would no longer start. But it would also no longer accept my activation code, and I could no longer follow the steps Steinberg tells me to perform.

I figured maybe the process “restarts” if I upgrade to Cubase 13 Pro, but that won’t let me do the upgrade because it believes my 9.5 isn’t upgraded to 12 yet, even though it was just with the old eLicenser

So now I’m stuck and don’t know what to do. I’ve followed the steps the activation software tells me, and what was suggested to me in August (see below) but nothing helps.

Thank you for contacting the Steinberg support!

Since your Cubase Pro 9.5 license is stored on the USB-eLicenser, it should be sufficient to just connect the USB-eLicenser to your computer to provide the license. Once the USB-eLicenser is connected, it should be displayed in the eLicenser Control Center along with the licenses stored on the USB-eLicenser.

If the USB-eLicenser is connected to the computer but does not appear in the eLicenser Control Center, please note:

  • Disconnect the USB-eLicenser from the computer and reconnect it. Try different USB ports.
  • Avoid adapters, USB hubs or extensions
  • Avoid using USB ports on the front of the computer (for desktop cases) or PCIe USB expansion cards
  • Uninstall the eLicenser Control Center and reinstall the latest version. This will also update the driver for the USB-eLicenser:
  • Here you can find more possible solutions for USB-eLicenser connection problems:
    USB-eLicenser is not recognized, license missing (dongle, key)

However, if the USB-eLicenser can not be recognized even after following the provided notes, it can be assumed that the USB-eLicenser might have a hardware defect.

Is the USB-eLicenser still recognized on another computer? If yes, you can purchase a new USB-eLicenser and then transfer the license to the new USB-eLicenser:
Transferring eLicenser-based licenses

If the USB-eLicenser is no longer recognized on any computer, the Steinberg Zero Downtime will take effect. You will then receive a replacement activation code that can be used to activate the license on a new USB-eLicenser. You can request the Steinberg Zero Downtime in your MySteinberg account:
Steinberg Zero Downtime

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Best regards,
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Steinberg Support Representative


The error message would help to know, what’s going on.

Cubase 12 and 13 are not using eLCC anymore. The activation is done via the Steinberg Activation Manager. A screenshot from this application would also help to understand the problem.

Did you buy the update to Cubase 13? Which one? From which version?