Support ticket open more than 19days

I raised a support ticket on March 16th. No sign of any interaction from Steinberg. Does it usually take this long?

I bought a used but nearly new UR44. The original owner says that he has de-activated his licence but I cannot re-activate because the licence code is being reported as ‘already registered’. I need a new activation code from Steinberg, it’s been over three weeks and I cannot fully utilise the hardware.

I am not happy about the length of time taken. Is there a telephone support number? I am in UK.


He needs to either send you a USB eLicenser dongle with your Cubase AI license, as described by the Resale Wizard, which is the recommended method (After moving the license to the USB dongle, he has to unregister the dongle by logging into his MySteinberg account):

Or give you his MySteinberg log-in. In that case, you’ll have to follow these steps to activate Cubase:

Users can’t “deactivate” a Soft eLicenser. It’s hard to say whether he is trying to mislead you or if he just doesn’t know better.

I don’t know if Support is allowed to give you a new license. I would recommend contacting your seller and explaining the situation to him. Ask him to wait before sending you anything if plan to wait for Support to respond first.