Supported hardware for Cubase 9

after spending a whole day troubleshooting my setup; I was able to retrieve an old Alesis USB interface, and finally be able to get some sound out of Cubase.

This is quite ridiculous; since I had to install Asio4all driver; and then have the output sound from the Alesis, while the Soundblaster G5 is the output for the audio on Cubase, and re-route the headphone out from the soundblaster to the alesis second channel. This was the only way to get audio from Cubase.

Now; since this is not practical; I am asking which interfaces and Midi keyboards would be recognized by Cubase? I don’t want to swap cables, switch settings and so on; I just want to plug my midi keyboard, my electric guitar (with Guitar Rig 5) and just use Cubase.
I was looking at the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII or the Novation Impulse 25 as midi keyboard/pad. and the Steinberg UR22MKII as interface to plug my guitar.

Would this work? At the moment if I use GUitar rig and Cubase at the same time; ASIO4ALL takes basically control of both the Alesis and the Soundblaster, and I can’t hear anything from iTunes, VLC, youtube via browser and so on; so I hope that with more modern interfaces, I do not have to have any problem fighting configurations.

I want to like Cubase and Windows, but I can’t believe that I have 0 problems using an old iMAc from 2010 with this equipment, and I can use everything without any hassle.


Why do you use 2 Audio Devices? Do you use Guitar Rig as a plug-in in Cubase?

Hi Martin,

I use 2 audio devices because if i use only the Alesis, Guitar Rig works fine but Cubase won’t work (In the ASIO4ALL settings, I get only the input available but not the output; it has an X on it). Same if I use only the SB device.
Neither has the “exclusive” setting in their advanced preferences, but for some reasons, something in windows is using the output exclusively, when I use the Asio4All driver.

GR does not show up as VST plugin in Cubase; so I launch it as standalone

The problem here is that the Alesis interface is likely too old and the Sound Blaster isn’t exactly professional audio hardware.

The stuff you’re planning to buy should be basically plug and play. Just install the drivers and it will work.

Reinstall Guitar Rig 5 to make sure that the 64 bit version is installed. Cubase 9 doesn’t support 32 bit plugins.


Where can you see the X?

In general, if you will use Guitar Rig as a plug-in in Cubase, then yes, it will work with the suggested devices.

The problem is GR locks out the card for Cubase, unless you use a rewire compatible app you can not run two audio apps at the same time on 1 card.

This is the reason, why do I ask to use Guitar Rig as plug-in in Cubase, not as Standalone application out of Cubase.

I see, so Guitar rig take exclusive usage of a device…that make sense.

BTW I did replace both sound blaster and Alesis device with the UR 22 MK2 and now everything works out of the box…guess old hardware is just useless after few years.

BTW the X was on the ASIO4ALL driver settings; the Alesis would have it on the input, while the Soundblaster would have it on the output, and I had nothing open.

With the Yamaha ASIO drivers, everything seems fine, except that I can open Guitar rig or Cubase, not both at the same time.
Guitar Rig does not show up in the VST plugin list in Cubase; not sure if I have to uninstall it and install it again.

From my point of view, this is the key for you. Once you open Guitar Rig in Cubase, you don’t need 2 Audio Devices, you don’t need ASIO4ALL.

Make sure Guitar Rig is installed as 64-but plug-in (Cubase 9 supports 64-bit plug-ins only). And then make sure you set the path to the 64-bit Guitar Rig in the Cubase’s Plug-in Manager.