Supposed to be Mine

Here’s another one I recorded with my band. This was only recorded as a demo but after mixing it I think it actually came out pretty good :slight_smile:

Craven Souls - Supposed to be Mine


hi wes ,yeh i like this and the old trusty hendrix riff :sunglasses: ,there is a frequency maybe around the upper mids that is a bit prominent in the guitar ,also try putting a sidechain compressor on the guitars volume to be triggered by the lead vocals, so that the guitar comes down in volume when the singer is active and goes back up on its own when he isnt singing cause the rhythm guitar is a bit too constant in level ,it needs to interact in volume with the singer, i think. i like the singer ,he`s got a good style.

Yeah, came out pretty good…doesn’t sound like one of your creations…is it? I always prefer to hear original material, call me strange but seems like the only way forward musically…if it’s possible to actually go forward anymore of course!!..bit of an INXS feel about the song but seems to lack the energy a song such as this should have…can’t put my finger on it…but getting picky now so I’ll shut the #%#@ up…Kevin

Yeah, that’s what I like, raw rock and roll. Agree with Firestamper’s suggestions. I like the singer’s “attitude” too.

Thanks firestamper. Great advice, I will definitely do that.

Thanks for listening Kevin. It’s an original composition, just not mine :slight_smile: I didn’t write the lyrics or the tune but the band works on arrangement/production together.

Thanks Early. The singer pretty much lost his voice after recording this track!

Great track, love the drums also…will wait to comment till you do remix w/sidechain compressor. Great singer oh and I love the solo at end just make sure you turn the side chain comp off there where you come in

Thanks Kenny. Glad you like the drums, I enjoyed mixing a real drummer with a real drum kit for once :slight_smile:

I’ve just put a new mix on now with firestamper’s suggestions. I set it so about 4db was ducked out. To my ears, its sounds like enough.


the more i hear this track ,the more it grows on me . :smiley:

Cool song, circa 1972 by way of “Bridge of Sighs” :sunglasses:

For me, too much point on the kick. This isn’t Metal! :laughing: Guitar part is great, but for me the drums aren’t cutting it… maybe I’m comparing him with Mitch Mitchell, who used poly-rhythms on something like this (BTW, the drums sound good on “Crazy Love”)