Suppress Background by default?

I really like how clean things look if my material suppresses the background - be it dynamics, text, or playing techniques. Is there any way to engage this behavior all the time? I love having this capability, and I’ve been selecting everything and going into the properties panel to engage it, but I would love to be able to just set it as a preference and then not worry about it anymore.

I’ve found that there’s options for defining the default amount of padding when suppressing background, but nothing for setting it on automatically in either the Options nor (at least with Playing Techniques) within the techniques editor.


No, there aren’t any engraving options to enable this by default. It has been requested before, and it’s on our wish list for future versions.

Oh, my apologies for creating a new thread about it then! I searched the forums but didn’t find anything mentioning it. I look forward to its inclusion at some point!