Supress playback for Start / End repeats

I have a section in my music which is repeated while a soloist improvises and the last repeat is on cue. I’d like to play and export this section only once, so ignoring the repeat barlines.

What I’ve tried is to turn on the Suppress playback property for both the start and end repeats:

But Dorico still plays and exports this section twice. It seems this property doesn’t have any effect. Is this a bug?

No. The common properties (of which Suppress Playback is one) are multipurpose and apply to some items but not others. There’s a separate mechanism for turning off repeat playback.

OK thanks.
This is confusing though. Wouldn’t it be better UX-wise to gray out all properties that don’t apply to any of the currently selected elements?

Then you’d need another mechanism for situations where you marquee select a load of stuff and want to set common properties for any of the selected items for which common properties can be set, e.g. a passage that happens to include a repeat barline and some notes.

We can’t possibly know how expensive it is to develop functionality, but every function costs something, even if in real terms that something means that some other bit of the program is neglected.

I think you misunderstood the part where I wrote gray out all properties that don’t apply to any of the currently selected elements: I meant that any non-grayed out property should apply to at least one selected element. So if you only select a repeat barline, Suppress Playback would be grayed out, but if you also selected some notes, it would not be grayed out. Currently the user has to find out by trial and error whether or not some property is applicable.

That being said, for this particular property, I don’t really see why it should not be applicable to repeat barlines even if there is also a global mechanism to ignore all repeat barlines in playback.