Surely, it must feel good!

Hi Daniel (and team!)

I was wondering when you were first approached by Steinberg with the idea of creating their own notation team. Also, when you all officially started work.

It all seemed so far away… hopefully you will continue to have great support from Steinberg and Dorico will grow and adapt to all the needs of today’s notation/publishing demands.

When I was in Hamburg recently I recorded a video interview that will tell this story in more detail, and that video will be available soon, so I won’t give any spoilers now. What I can say is that I and the rest of the team have been very grateful for the support we have been given by everybody in Hamburg and that we are looking forward to repaying that support by selling lots of copies of Dorico to, I hope, musicians like you all over the world.

I was in such shock when this happened that I felt almost depressed, truly. Although I am a performer first, the income I make from arranging, orchestrating, and on occasion composing, is very significant, and that work is also a very enjoyable part of my life. I always felt I could count on “the team” to be on my side, and it felt like being part of a community. When 'the team" was sacked, I felt professionally abandoned! I was so thrilled to know that these wonderfully talented people were recognised for their skills and hired to work on a new project. And as for the support Daniel, it was of course crucial that you first got that from Hamburg, but do know that countless people such as myself were cheering you on, because one reaps what one sows.

Congratulations again!

Claude Lapalme
Music Director
Red Deer Symphony Orchestra

We wouldn’t have got such a great product out of the door without the amazing trust that Steinberg showed in the team. We have a really great working relationship with our colleagues in Hamburg as they care as much about their products as we do.

Indeed and heartening to know this as a possible long term committement to Dorico.

I wonder how many of them are musicians who perform on a reasonably regular basis
given that musos generally tend to work well together in the performance of their craft?


It’s certainly the case that everyone on our team is a musician of some description: composers, performers, choir masters, home noodlers (that’s me). Everyone I’ve met in Hamburg fits the same profile - the company does breathe music.