Surface Dial with Elephant software

The functionality of the Microsoft Surface Dail got so much better with the elephant software, really amazing.

Two ways to use the surface dail:

  • Control every knob in your DAW at which you point with your mouse and use the surface dail.

  • Assign 6 different midi channels to it.

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AI knob can do this for many years already. Now with MIDI Remote API, you can assign any hardware MIDI controller to the AI Knob functionality.

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Hello @Martin.Jirsak ,
Would you please give a link to “AI Knob” if you have the chance please?

Thank you :slight_smile:


For example Steinberg CC121 has the AI Knob.

Just tried this, it is so smooth, thanks @Rommelaar !

Can’t figure out … does one have to use MIDI mode to control, e.g., automation?

It seems a little fiddly … every once in a while i have to back out, reset, etc to get it to show up/work.

Anyone else with similar observations, or is it just me?