Surface pro 8: Kontakt the size of a stamp on a letter in VST Live

After starting out with VST Live, so far I have not found a way to get NI Kontakt to any even halfway useable size.

In Cubase 12 I can resize within limits. How is VST Live supposed to achieve plugin scaling?

… please help me out : Are you talking about the Cubase Plug-In Feature “Allow Window to be Resized”?

Thank you, Michael.

Yes, exactly.

On my Surface Pro 8 with it’s high resolution of 2880x1920 (Windows 11 scaling set to 200%), it is impossible to read the tiny Kontakt Menu fonts within VST Live. I had to make massive use of the camera zoom of my iPhone in one hand, to get some simple Kontakt settings done with the other hand, for Kontakt within VST Live.

That rather feels like comedy, than made for serious live use.

… please contact the manufacturer of Kontakt. They should update the Plug-In to be ready for HiDPI. But we see your point. We’ll add “Allow Window …” to our Feature Request list.

See you,

Spork, thanks for your answer and for forwarding this to feature requests!

While I clearly see the Native Instruments responsibility for not making Kontakt scalable after all these years (which I regard as a real shame for NI), another part of the resposibility clearly stays with VST Live: I have no problem still working with Kontakt standalone on my Surface 8 (just big enough to use), but within VST Live it’s much smaller, and VST Live users are completely lost without “Allow Window…” resize.

Considering the central role of Kontakt, for by far most sampling packages used today, this is an absolute no go, making VST Live pretty much unuseable for me at the moment. Like in Cubase 12, allowing resize is simply essential at the moment, for some plugin use with hires monitors.

… we understand and see your point! We’ll keep your informed about our progress,