Surprise: No track show/hide - hide unused tracks... Again

from Cubase forum

Helge Vogt wrote:
You can filter the channels in MixConsole but not the tracks in the tracklist (will be added in a future update, didn’t make it in time). Though you can search in the tracklist and directly jump to the track.

I thought they forgot to demonstrate the track show/hide function in the video.
But the actual reason is - it’s simply not there.

the track search feature obviously does a simple search for tracks, not possible to use this as filter option tool which tracks you see in the main project window or to do anything useful with the search results.

Visibility management for channels in the mixer only.

Not cool, in fact really bad surprise today. Excitement about the update dropped by 80% since I learned these basic features got kicked off the update priority list for the third time.


As with the VCA’s, I’m also looking forward to the future release that incorporates hiding tracks in the project window.


Well, looks like there are not many people left from the original mega thread petition for this feature from 2007 (!!!).
Guess I might even skip this update as the track search feature alone is nice but not much help.
Staring and scrolling around projects with countless scattered empty MIDI tracks assigned in orchestral VSTi templates works equally well in N5.5.

Just want to elaborate on what Helge said.

You can do this in the mixer.
There are functions with which you can display “Show Channels for tracks with data”, “Show Channels for tracks with data at cursor position”, and “Show Channels for tracks with data between locators”.
The unfinished part which didn’t make it into the initial release is the link with those tracks in the project window.


When I found out that it only works in the mixer, my reaction was this:

good to know someone has been working on it though. Any ETA?

I suppose the visibility tab will also be part of the project window? Ideally also in the key editor, but most importantly for the project window.

I also wonder why search window and visibility tab are completely splitted. I expected these functions to be part of the search window:
Search for keyword -> Get Results in list-> Tick a “Show only resulting tracks” checkbox -> Instant track view in project window only of the tracks I need to see together.

E.g. all instruments articulations tracks having “Staccato” in the name showing, non matching tracks instantly hidden.

Something like a Google Instant Search for tracks.

Also - a quick hide unused tracks function.

Last time I counted, my template is 400+ tracks, wouldn´t be very efficient to click on countless track in the “visibility tab”, I actually need to hide non-matching results from the search window list. So I hope someone thought about the users who work with many tracks.


btw - have been able to do this for a while in the mixer:-

Never tried it myself as never had the need - but I DO need it in the project window as have 500+ midi tracks


Do we have an ETA on this ?
Sadly there is no big reason for me to upgrade until features to unclutter the project window have been added.

it´s sad that we don´t even get a reliable ETA on this. I´ll wait with upgrading, have been burned with N5 already when it was said for this feature to arrive during N5 product cycle and it has not :frowning:

I am glad that Fredo hinted that it is coming. I love this in protools. I am demoing N6 and really like the ability to do it in the mixer at least.

The big problem I have is that my Mackie Control is not following what the mixer has selected, and that will keep me on N5 (which I still prefer over Pro Tools). I use the hide feature with mixer 1 to only show essential groups (mixer 2 has everything). With 24 Mackie Control channels I can get near instant access to everything in a 300-plus track project with the select, solo and mute buttons in hardware. Even with the show/hide in N6 it is just not as fast.


But when is it coming? 6.1? 6.5? I upgraded to N5 waiting mainly for this feature, now what to do? Upgrading to N6 just to find out it gets postponed to N7 ?
I need a definite answer on this before I get the upgrade.