Surrender To Silence

New track is ready for your ears here: Stream Surrender To Silence by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Story in Title :slight_smile:

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Intriguing song, bit of eastern or church mass type flavour thrown in the overall feel. I like the bass, cool stabs of the background instruments happening.
Very engaging piece, 'like it a lot!

Good morning,

Very interesting this piece with new sounds. It seems to me to hear the voice as an instrument for the first time in your compositions. Am I wrong? Are these voices from sampling or are they voices recorded by you? If it’s really a novelty, I find it very interesting and should be exploited a little more. The way you process these voices is very original. I like. I also like the way the Brass are processed, the sound is catchy.

Although your musical style is now well established, it is still surprising and still attracts my attention. Keep up the good work Stephco.

Thank you Mauri,
Happy you pay attention to the Bass as well as the stabs. My purpose was to find something to balance the voices. you nail them…
Intriguing is a good word to describe the mood of this track.
Thanks again for your time.

Hey Rene,
Yes, first time for the voice. Not an easy thing for me. These voices are coming from Labs, with some VSTs treatments.
I’m still not capable of singing. I bought a mic, but i’m still not ready. perhaps one of these days…
For the Brass, i’ve tried to have something to underline the voice melody. Happy you find it OK.
Thanks for your incitation.

Interesting. Not exactly my taste in music, but definitely something different. This fact alone is worth quite a bit these days.
In my humble opinion, I find the mix a bit too “diffuse”. (Sounds almost like a binaural recording.)

Really cool, Stephan. Lots of harmonic movement, and first time I hear voice in one of yours! I really like this one.

Thanks for your time listening and words. If i may, and to help me improve my mixes, could you ellaborate on “diffuse” ?. Do you mean you would prefer more “mono” positionning of instruments/sounds or less movements?
Binaural isn’t something i know/manipulate.
Thanks again.

Thank you Leon. Happy you as a fine musician, find this one interesting & appealing .
Take care

Hi Stephane,
I liked this one a lot. You know that I generally like what I hear from you, but this stands out a bit for being a little less “dense” in the production. On this particular track, that’s really nice because the prominent “voice” is not being overwhelmed by what came before, is happening underneath, or might be about to take place. That’s no criticism of anything else you’ve done. I just found the relative sparseness appealing.
I know I’ve mentioned Joe Zawinul and Weather Report to you. Check him out again in terms of how he incorporated voices (real and synthesized) in his compositions. I think you might get some ideas of where to go and how to fit them into your music from that. I’d recommend tracks like Badia, Nubian Sundance, The Peasant, Corner Pocket, or Where the Moon Goes to see ways he used voices in music that’s not far off from some of the stuff you do.
One other minor suggestion is to try sounds in the future that might be more like orchestral strings on a track sometime. You use horn like sounds well, so maybe mixing it up with a broader palette of “real” instrument sounds could be fun for you. Not a criticism at all, by the way. Just something else to consider for the interesting stuff you do.
In the meantime, I enjoyed this and think you did some nice work here.

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Thanks John for all these inputs.
Let me dig in and investigate about your diections.
Take care