Surround 5.1 import confusion

Hello, I was extremely interested to buy Wavelab Pro 9.5 considering the gracious discount offer. And I downloaded the trial version.

But, when I select “Open in WaveLab” to open my 5.1 surround mixdown file in this application after export, Wavelab can’t open it. I have tried so many times.

Can anyone please tell me what is going on? If Wavelab Pro 9.5 can’t normally open my Cubase 9.5 mix down in surround 5.1, I don’t want to buy it. :frowning:

If that function is not available or not working yet for surround files in the Cubase/Wavelab interface:

In Wavelab, you need to make a surround montage first.
Select File > New > Montage > Templates > Surround 44.1K.
After the surround montage opens, change the sample rate at the bottom right of the montage if your surround file is not 44.1.
Click the Insert tab above the montage. Select Surround Audio File, and navigate to your surround file.
Wavelab will split the 5.1 file to four tracks of the montage, Lf Rf, C, LFE, Ls Rs

Proper 5.1 import will be added very soon.

Sir, can you please provide an idea how “soon” it will be added?

Honestly, I really need a post error checking mastering platform. Wavelab Pro was my dream, specially because of its interactive capabilities with Cubase Pro, among other significant things. But I couldn’t afford it until now (because of the generous discount offer).

However, since I need to open my surround files in a rather traditional way, I am really confused whether I should buy it now. I know that many other softwares like Sound Forge can do it easily but I was really looking forward to Wavelab Pro.

PG (the main developer of Wavelab) mentioned that this is high priority. I assume that it will be added in the next version if nothing goes wrong.

You’ll then be able to freely move surround files between Wavelab and Cubase/Nuendo using the “Edit in WaveLab” feature.

next big version, not 9.5.30

Thank you so much Sir. It means I am buying it before April 26, unless God wills otherwise. :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for a more precise answer. May God bless you. :two_hearts: