Surround Audio Interface: What are you guys using?

I’m currently using my DA7 digital desk as my audio interface for my Nuendo 8.2 (with Artist Series Controllers) rigg. But as it’s now relegated to a corner taking up a large amount of space, I was thinking about replacing it with a dedicated monitoring interface. I’m particularly interested in knowing what the Nuage users are using for their systems, as the Master Controller gives numerous routing options and I’m still interested in upgrading from the the Artist Series stuff.

Ideally it would handle 7.1, 5.1, Stereo & Mono feeds that I could access directly from the Control Room Section of Nuendo. But at the absolute minimum, it’s got to handle 5.1 and stereo. Another consideration is whether I have to turn the controllers on just to access any audio feeds from the computer. Right now with my desk, I can leave Nuendo (including the controllers) off and I can still access other Audio/Video sources through the PC and just play them through the desk like a home stereo receiver. Will I lose that option if I go to just an audio interface?

So, what are you guys using? How much? How Flexible? How Durable? That’s what I’d like to know. Thanks for your replies!

Anyone here tried the Yamaha MMP1?

Not what you’re looking for, but I have an old Lynx TWO-B PCI card. It has two inputs and six outs, so 5.1 surround. I only use one set of speakers so L/R is the same channels in stereo and 5.1. The card also has AES out so that feeds my Grace headphone amp.

As for “durability”: I can’t even remember when I bought this card. I mean, it’s got to have been around 2004 or something. Still works. Low latency. Clean sound. And I’m happy I’m on a Windows machine since getting PCI slots is still not a huge issue. One of the best investments in tech I’ve ever done.

Can’t answer for other interfaces though. I would think you could get one that would either work with the computer on and would route easily using the included mixing software, or even do it with the computer off.