Surround hardware setup

Hi, I’m looking for advice/help on setting up a surround monitor mix setup. I used to have a Sony receiver with multi analog inputs and am wondering if that is still the best way or the only way? Is there a way to go from my PC to a current surround receiver via HDMI or Digital out to access the receiver’s surround input? Do I need a USB or PCI interface for this kind of conversion? E.g. I have an NI Komplete Audio 6 with a digital I/O. Could the digital out be plugged into the receiver’s Dolby Digital input and work?

My main DA/AD conversion is the Soundcraft SI Impact using the MADI USB, which I could probably set up to send at least 8 analog outputs to a multi input surround receiver so I can monitor the mix in surround. The issue is the Sony has crapped out on one side and I have to replace it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I setup up my surround sound to a receiver via ADAT on my RME card.

Simply use the studio setup in Cubase and make all your output configurations there.

I simply set up 1 surround bus (5.1) and 1 stereo output on 1 ADAT. then I route these via my DA converter to the surround sound and stereo channels on my amp.

From that answer I’m assuming your amp has separate inputs for each of the surround channels plus the normal stereo input?


yes, that is correct… if you have active speakers setup you just plug accordingly to the position of your speakers. The easiest way should be to go: output 1 (L) output 2 ® output 3 © output 4 (Lfe) output 5 (Ls) output 6 (Rs)

Thanks, that helps.