Surround interface for Cubase

Mostly a hardware question, but Cubase related too…

I have a RME Babyface Pro which works great with Cubase Pro 9.5 for me on Windows. But now I have an opportunity to do some 5.1 surround projects. the Babyface pro has only 4 analog outs, but it does have ADAT optical, so I suppose I can get a D-A converter box that will receive ADAT Optical in. RME only seems to have their M-16 DA converter box which is very pricey and more than I need (I only need 8 analog outs and not all the MIDI and MADI features), to where I could probably just buy an RME 8 in/out interface cheaper!

Anyone recommend ADAT D-A box setup that would work with the Babyface and Cubase that is not overly expensive?


Any ADAT D/A box would. And you’re posting in the wrong forum.

Maybe this one…