Surround monitoring problem center channel in control room

I’ve found a problem with surround configurations in Nuendo 8 greater than 5.1 in control room.
I’m interested to know if this is a bug.
You will need a center channel , preferably 5.1 speakers for checking

create a mono channel with a tone generator enabled on it

create a 5.1 output in vst connections (not routed to your speakers we are using control room)
create a 5.1 control room monitor source linked to your 5.1 output
create a 5.1 control room monitor and route this to the surround system lines to speakers following ITU L-R-C-LFE-LS-RS

route the mono tone generator to your 5.1 output. Moving the mono generator’s panner around, it is heard in each monitor, and sending to lfe works fine. (this is the control part of the test)

but try doing TASK B with dolby 7.1 or 9.1 or up
( matched output + control room mon source + control room monitor assigning the first 6 channels to your 5.1)
then route the mono tone generator to this new configuration. This also works as expected EXCEPT for the center channel

With a configuration greater than 5.1 the center channel can’t be monitored via control room, but the meter shows the tone is correctly routed to it’s output.

If anyone is free to test this and let me know if your experience is the same I would like to know thank you

I just tried this with a mono signal into a 7.1 output used as a monitor source. It plays back fine in the center speaker on both a 5.1 monitor output and a 7.1 monitor output (with the same channel order for the first 6 channels).

ok thanks Mattias, I will investigate further

My center channel worked fine in a 10.2 format. :wink:

Thanks Keyplayer. I think the problem is with my hardware. It’s a thunderbolt Apollo from UAD