Surround Panners in Hal 6 Mixer forget settings when Saved/ReLoaded, or Moved

Building a sound from many Synth layers, using the surround panner inserts in the Hal6 mixer to position things, when I save the sound & reload it, the Pan Positions all seem to get lost. First time I’ve played with the surround panner inserts in Halion … is this a known problem?
Settings get lost also when re-arranging layers.

Yes this is a known issue and unfortunately not yet resolved.

OK Thanks for info. Pointless creating surround sounds if they can’t keep the panner settings. Can you tell me how long it’s been known about, and whether it’s likely to be fixed? Thanks.

For some time now. Knowing the team I have no doubt it will be fixed.
Gerrit Junge is the person who can provide more information about that.

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