surround sound configuration

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I am using Nuendo 5.5 for sound design for a feature film project. I am doing all the panning in Nuendo and then bouncing them out as individual 5.1 stems and then I import them in a new project. Split the 5.1 streams into multi mono, Detect silence on all tracks and remove them, and then finally export them as AAF. This way I am able to retain all the panning that I have done. The surround sound configuration that is available on Nuendo is L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS (SMPTE/ITU). But the mix stage uses protools and the configuration that they use is L,C,R,LS,RS,LFE (FILM). I wonder if the L,C,R,LS,RS,LFE ( FILM) configuration is available in Nuendo. Please help me with this. Any other suggestions for file transfer will be much appreciated.

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No, it’s not available.
This is actually not a supported and/or recommended format, only Dolby uses/used it (their newer DCP machines are SMPTE/ITU too) and Protools.

There is a protocol within the Multiwav Broadcast standard called Wave Extensible format. This allows you to export Multi-BWAV’s with the channel configuratation embedded. Meaning, when you import it, the channel config will adjust itself. Unfortunataly, ProTools doesn’t support that. Worse, it crashes PT.
Reason why we have a tickbox to not use the Extensible Format upon export.

Any other suggestions for file transfer will be much appreciated.

You can split the files upon export and have them named correctly (See extra checkbox)
I don’t know if choosing the PT naming protocol (.L) will import them correctly, but at least you can drop them in the correct tracks. And if you are using Broadcast Waves, then “move to origin” should snap them to their correct place in the timeline.