SurroundPan / VST Multipanner in Archive Projects

In early versions of Nuendo the main surround panner was called “SurroundPan”. It was latter replaced joined, and eventually superceded by, the VST Multipanner. However, for many years, projects containing “SurroundPan” would import fine. Sometime since Nuendo 7 (and I cannot work out quite when) this changed.

Opening an old project now, which contains mixes using SurroundPan, is a mess. And I am going through a phase of having to do this a lot. SurroundPan is simply ignored, and everything is front and centre. Rebuilding an old mix is a pain.

I have discovered that if I open an old project in Nuendo 7, add automation for pans, then swap the SurrounPan for VST Multipanner it goes part way to sorting it. But it’s still a mess.

Is there a better way of importing old projects into Nuendo 12 maintaining panning?


Hi Mark,
Have you tried creating a new project and importing the old tracks in using Tracks from Project?

An interesting idea. I will try it and report back.

Nope. Tracks with SurroundPan are imported (using “Tracks from Project”) with standard stereo panner.