Survey on the Performance of Steinberg DAWs

Hi all,

We are constantly working on the improvement of the performance and the stability of our software. Due to the complexity of today’s system configurations and the diversity of 3rd party hardware like audio interfaces, displays or graphic cards this task is getting more challenging every day.

Please help us to find out more about your setup in order to improve the performance and stability of Cubase and Nuendo for all of our users.

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Thank you for your time!

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Replied, you’re welcome.

Odd question, “What buffer size do you use?”.

Don’t most people vary their buffer size throughout the project? Tracking, mixing, etc.?

“This Survey has been deactivated by the owner.” ??

Still link not working

The survey is done. You can see the results in Cubase 9.5 and the future 9.5.10 update, which will improve performance further.

need help with a basic task I’m coming from Pro Tools but start getting more and more projects in Cubase all I would like to know and the help would be greatly respected how do you pan a stereo audio track or Aux track to mono in pro tools you have a dedicated panner for both sides of the stereo field all you have to do is turn the knobs vertical and it makes the audio mono or the signal becomes mono so you would run the main vocal to a stereo bus (Aux) and then pan it vertical and the signal becomes mono