Sus Cym Rolls with HALion


Is there any way to make this sound more like a soft mallet roll rather than a drumstick roll or is this just HALion’s nature?

About 50 seconds in ^^

My initial guess would be no, because AFAIK the HALion instrument libraries provided with Dorico only include cymbals stroked with sticks. If you for any reason at all are forced to use the default libraries provided with Dorico and the right sound of the cymbal is really critical for your mockup (a very unlikely scenario I have to say), I would suggest experimenting with applying effects after your instrument output in the mixer such as filters (in particular low-pass).

Does this apply to HALion in general or just HALion SE?

I can only speak for what’s included with Dorico which AFAIK is HALion 3 SE, HSO, Olympus micro. No idea about the full version of HALion and other optional HALion based libraries.

Interesting, I haven’t seen anyone else speak on this either.