Suspend VST 3 will cut Audio from plugins after 10 sec

When enabling the Suspend VST 3 function, it can cause an audio artifacts.
For example: Create a short pink noise burst, send to 20 sec long reverb, export / hear the FX track.
Result: after approximately to 10 sec the reverb will be cut.

Please consider to move the Suspend VST 3 detector to the output of the whole signal chain instead the output of the audio event.

Thanks you are awesome :heart:

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That function does not work in so many situations. I’d advice you not to use it. Many 3rd party plugin doesn’t work neither. That ancient function was planned when CPU power was so much weaker.

I know that it’s working in all Waves plugins, sure in V13.
I think it’s helpful and in Pro Tools’ dynamic processing this bug doesn’t occur.
So I strongly thinks that this refinement will be a good feature✌🏿