Suspend VST3 plug-in processing

Does the option “Suspend VST3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received” work with all VST3 plugins in Cubase, or only with VST3 plugins that support the function?

In Wavelab, only VST3 plugins that support the function are suspended. VST3 plugins that don’t support the function are not suspended.

i.e. in Wavelab, Steinberg VST3 Compressor supports it and suspends. But the built in Voxengo VST3 Curve EQ does not support it and does not suspend.

Does Cubase function the same as Wavelab? Or does it suspend any and all VST3 plugins?


I cannot imagine, how could Cubase handle it, if the plug-in doesn’t support it.

Thank you Martin. That makes sense, but I thought possibly “supported” means something different to Wavelab than to Cubase in this case. That and the fact that there is no disclaimer mention of an “unsupported VST3 plugin” possibility in the Cubase manual, like I thought there might be:

Any further information or references appreciated. Thanks.

As far as I know, a VST3 has to allow it to happen. Sometimes there are reasons why it doesn’t want to be interrupted, like because of a certain type of processing.

Thanks djw. I thought the Suspend function in preferences would apply to all VST3 plugins when I saw it. After finding out that the function is included in Wavelab and turned on (no option to turn off), I did some testing and found very few 3rd party plugins that supported it, so they would never suspend processing. If it’s the same in Cubase and not a problem for anyone, I guess it’s not a problem. But I was just surprised.

In Wavelab, these VST3 plugins suspend processing when no signal present:

These don’t:

I don’t know if this covers all plugins made by these plugin makers, but that’s what I found testing one plugin from each in Wavelab. So it’s certainly not a comprehensive test.

TDR does not have VST3 plugins yet, right? But they already confirmed that not all their plugins will support it.

If the plugin has some sort of look ahead, like most limiters have.
I guess it could be problematic.

You’re right, my mistake, the TDR was not VST3. Thanks for catching that djw.

You’re probably right, or the plugin makers don’t want to chance it. Yet all the Steinberg plugins seem to support it (I think). The Master Rig in Wavelab supports it, I guess without problems. And you can’t turn the Suspend function off in Wavelab.

EDIT: Master Rig has a Limiter, and Compressors. Seems like the Suspend Processing function would have to take all this into account.