Suspended Cymbal Playback?


I’m having a most difficult time trying to get Dorico to playback any other Suspended Cymbal sound expect for the stick roll, triggered with MIDI note number 60.

When I enter in MIDI note number 85 (roll with mallets) Dorico insists that it playback MIDI note number 60. It’s as if all MIDI note numbers lead to 60.

I can’t seem to fix this in the Percussion Map editor. Thank you for your help in advance.

If we’re talking about the default Dorico single-line staff Suspended Cymbal, it loads the Halion SO Suspended Cymbal combo and the corresponding Percussion map “HSO Cymbal Large Combi KS”. As you can see in the Halion interface the stick roll key switch is D0 (Midi note 26) and the mallet roll is at E0 (Midi note 28).

There are at least two routes to access the mallet roll. The simplest is to edit the HSO Cymbal Large Combi KS percussion map only. Since we cannot yet define our own playing techniques, and since Roll is already taken, when adding another line to the perc map you have to use another existing playing technique for the mallet roll entry, using Midi Note 28, such as pizzicato (or whatever). You can then simply add pizz in the score to trigger the mallet roll. (you can scale the pizz marking down and add “Mallets” as text)

A more involved/elegant solution would be to also amend the “Edit percussion playing techniques” in Setup…

Thank you Fratveno… I appreciate the time it took you to answer my question. I’m still not having any luck with this yet. The MIDI number note that I would like to use from “HSO Cymbal Large Combi KS” is 96.
It’s a fast mallet roll. It seems as if no matter what playing technique I use from setup (I tried your pizz. idea) and no matter how I modify the Percussion map for HSO Cymbal Large Combi KS, I continue to get just MIDI note number 60, the stick roll in playback. I can access all of the various cymbal sounds in the “patch” through the keyboard, but only can get MIDI 60 in playback. Is there something that “forces” all pitches to 60 that you know of?

Try this: in the Percussion Maps editor, the leftmost column controls which Midi Note is output for each technique. At the bottom click on SHOW ALL and a separate line for each midi note becomes available. Scroll down to your desired note (96) and enter the technique there. Clear the line that was used previously (60- if applicable)… does it help?

How do I edit the play back midi note ? Where is that window? In Halion? or in Dorico?

Make sure the technique is defined in the instrument itself: in Setup mode, select the Player and, in that arrow that pops up when you hover over an instrument, hit Edit Percussion Playing Techniques. You should have a Default playing technique and a “three strokes” playing technique, mapping the tremolo to the tremolo strokes. Otherwise, Dorico will assume every note is played modo ordinario.

Ugh, this ain’t easy, too many moving parts. I think I’m almost there using keymaps, but can’t figure out how to get a crescendo during a roll. Unlike with timpani, the velocity lane shows a contant velocity for the beginning and ending note and plays with a constant volume.
suspended cymbal 3.png

suspended cymbal 1.png

I think you might need to add the modulation control manually in the automation lane in Play mode, Stephen. I might be wrong but I don’t think Dorico can switch from velocity control of dynamics to a continuous controller like modulation for a particular technique in a percussion map at the moment.