Suspended Cymbal Rolls?

How can you perform/notate a suspended cymbal roll in Dorico? I can add tremolos to make it look nice but it doesn’t sound great, closest I’ve gotten is Tremolo on Sizzle Cymbal.

Which sound set are you using?

sound set? I’m a bit confused

Where are the sounds actually coming from? That is, what sound library? HSSE? HSO? NotePerformer?

HSSE and HSO come bundled with Dorico. NotePerformer is a third-party library.

HSO, I did try NotePerformer though without luck.

It should be as simple as adding a suspended cymbal instrument to the project, and then writing a single-note tremolo with three or more slashes on a held note. That will trigger the sampled roll in the HALion Symphonic Orchestra Cymbal Large Combi KS patch that Dorico automatically loads.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case
I Have a Dream.dorico (1.0 MB)

When I reapplied the Playback Template, I certainly heard a different, deeper cymbal. No problem with the roll.

So I just need to reapply it?

It would not hurt to try. If you are worried, make a copy of your file with a slightly altered name and then you will have a backup just in case.

Unfortunately, this did not help. Do I need to create a new score and copy it to there? This was a musicxml import from (it’s what my school uses and what I used before Musescore and then Dorico).

To be able to advise, we need to know what exactly went wrong when you tried a suggestion. Posting the Dorico file was very helpful, but please keep us updated about what you want and what you got instead when you tried a suggestion.

When I add the tremolo, it’s a suspended cymbal tap over and over instead of a suspended cymbal roll which I want.

accidentally uploaded wrong audio file, fixing it now.

Audio Example :

In your file I see 2 strokes on the stem rather than 3 which is the default for tremolo/roll
Also, this has come up many times before, there is no roll technique defined.
You have to add one in the Player:
Then you get a roll with sticks. If you rather want the mallet roll you have to change the percussion map — to 28 where it says 26…

Interesting, thanks!

Where would I find this section?

A roll is unmeasured tremolo. There are measured and unmeasured tremolos possible. To differentiate one from the other, you set a threshold using the number of slashes. The default is 3 or more slashes for Dorico to auto-generate unmeasured tremolo. Less than 3 slashes is a command to generate measured tremolo. You find this in preferences (Play → Playback Options → Timing).

If you didn’t change these settings all you need for cymbal roll is to use 3 slashes and Dorico will auto-generate a roll for you. But right now you’re using 2 slashes, so Dorico generates measured tremolo, as expected.

Without the technique, Dorico will autogenerate a machine gun attack… if you want the true sampled roll you have to add a technique. In SETUP go to the Player and “open” it. Then select “Edit Percussion Playing techniques”: