Suspended Cymbal tremolo crescendo notation

I find it difficult to figure out how to notate a normal suspended cymbal tremolo crescendo…
It’s usually written as a tremolo note (for ex a half ntoe) tied to a quarter note WITHOUT tremolo. Because Dorico treats tied notes as one it automatically puts the tremolo on the quarter note as well.
And also, is there a way to add a tie into “nothing”? Writing l.v. every time seems like such a cheat solution.

(I’m trying to describe an example in 4/4, where the 3rd and 4th beat is a tremolo that crescendo to the first beat)

What you are looking for is in Engrave mode > properties panel. Select the tied quarter note and set the property “single note tremolo” to none (sorry, I 'm note sure it’s the exact wording— not in front of my computer)
If you have multiple instances of the same pattern, I suggest you alt-click them, because setting that property a number of times is kind of anti-doricoish (I wish there were a better workflow for these)


This should be an engraving option. A tremolo (or roll, or flutter tongue, or shake, etc.) is “closed” (ended) on the last note of the tie, preferably an eighth note without tremolo. That’s how I understand the original question and how it’s usually done.

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I’m still waiting to be answered on this question as well…

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There is an LV tie option in the properies panel.


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An LV tie is not a “cheap solution.” That’s exactly the notation that should be used!

Okay this works, but is there really no better way of achiving this? I’m hoping for someone mabye from the team to confirm that there isn’t infact a better solution.

What better solution would you have in mind? Or should I ask in what way do you think that this is not a good solution?

There isn’t an easier solution, no. I don’t work for Steinberg and neither does Marc, but we’re both plenty experienced with this.

@Janus it is indeed a pain to have to switch to engrave mode, select the notehead (which can also be a pain), and set that tremolo to 0 every time. Since this is a pretty standard notation, it would be nice to override Dorico’s default treatment of tied notes here.

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I stand corrected, though personally I don’t find it a pain to switch modes. Clearly I just work more slowly than you do!

You could make a Playing Technique in the shape of the l.v. arc. Enter it once, then copy it via alt/click to desired locations. That’s faster.

Make a l.v. in the normal manner, create a svg graphic slice of it, and import that into the playing technique editor. You can even make more than one, in different widths.

On the same subject. I have a timpani voice where I need the last 8-note in a roll to be without tremolo (3rd and 4th bar).
And maybe someone can answer me, why the tremolo in the first bar of the picture goes from 3 to 4 without me asking for it?
I just marked the tied notes and pressed 3 tremoloes and then the quarter note got 4 tremoloes. It mystifies me.
Tremolo and ties

Nevermind. Figured it out… :slight_smile: