Sustain for Elements 8 [MIDI CC 64]

Hi guys!

I come for your help, after days of intense search and reaching the end of the web…

I absolutely need sustain in my piano records, but this feature is not available in my Cubase version (elements). In fact, Elements restricts the access to

• a midi insert; or
• a midi editor, where I could control CC 64, the midi continuous command for sustain.

I tried to find a midi editor, to edit that specific CC, in the same way a notepad would work for a document, but I was unsuccessful.

(My controller doesn’t have a pedal so the problem is not at input level, but after the sound signal is generated)

I would much appreciate your help.

Thank you


This editor is named List Editor, and you are right, this is not part of Cubase Elements. This is Cubase Atist and Cubase Pro only.

I don’t know your workflow, why do you need the List Editor. Maybe the Info View of the Key Editor would help.

Hi Martin and thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work-
I will wait for other suggestions.



You can draw in CC64 in the Key editor.
First click the plus button to add a controller lane, then select CC 64 from the drop down list.

Hi Misohoza

Thank you very much!